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Where to Find Free Online Computer Classes

posted by Mark on September 4th, 2009

Where to Find Free Online Computer ClassesIn the 21st century, there’s no excuse to not have at least a working knowledge of computer technology. With great websites like these offering free computer courses and tutorials at your fingertips (or pawtips), ANYONE can learn a thing or two. So devote a few minutes a day to learn something new about today’s technology…assuming you know enough about computers to find these sites.’s About U is a collection of free online courses with lessons that are sent via email on a daily or weekly basis. Almost 50 computer and technology courses are included.
Offers several step-by-step overviews of topics in three major areas: page building, component building and server programming.
Courses on over 50 different computer topics

GCF Learn Free
This online learning site includes various beginner computer courses, from computer and internet basics to Microsoft Office.

HP Learning Center
Close to 150 classes divided in several categories: digital photography, home office, Microsoft Office and Adobe, PC security and maintenance, business basics, IT professionals, graphic arts and government and education.
Links to hundreds of free online computer learning opportunities, some more useful than others.

Learn That
This general tutorial site includes dozens of computer-related classes from beginner to advanced.

Microsoft Office Training
Microsoft provides free walk-throughs of its Office products.

MIT Open Courseware
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology includes almost 2,000 free online courses, including a range of high-end, highly specific computer-related classes in subjects like computer science, mathematics and media arts.

The Open University
The Open University’s Learning Space offers a range of computer-related classes, from network security to online shopping.

Stanford Engineering Everywhere
Stanford University’s engineering department offers a few introductory computer science classes online.

Utah State University Open Courseware
Utah State University offers several online courses in computer science as well as more basic, everyday topics like blogs, Flash and HTML.

W3 Schools
W3 Schools offers dozens of web-building courses in HTML, XML, browser and server scripting and multimedia, plus hosting, certification and more.

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