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The Weird World of YouTube College Applications

posted by Mark on April 16th, 2010

The Weird World of YouTube College ApplicationsSeveral brick-and-mortar colleges have taken their application process online in one of the more unexpected locations: YouTube. Schools like Tufts University, The College of William and Mary, George Mason University and St. Mary’s College of Maryland have begun accepting video submissions in place of (or as a supplement to) written application essays. The purpose is for students to show more of who they are — live and in living color — and based on some of the submissions, who they are is a bit scary. Here is an assortment of some of the more oddball videos. Perhaps you’ll gain some inspiration for your own application…or maybe you can learn from their mistakes.

Amelia Downs (Tufts University): Performs “math dances” with an earnest lack of coordination

Christian Holmes (Tufts University): Inserts himself into an interview on Inside the Actor’s Studio; awkward comedy ensues

Jessica Parker (Tufts University): Math-inspired music video “Shut Up and Derive” with William Hung-inspired vocals

Nihal Krishan (Tufts University): Interviews himself, talks about pooping

Grant Growley (Tufts University): “How to Raise Your Street Cred”

Gertrude Schiller (Tufts University): Hopefully she’s not hoping to major in singing. Or songwriting. Or fashion.

Kelley Fischbach (Tufts University): Backwards signs, amateur kung fu, partial nudity, giggling fits; we hope this wasn’t actually submitted.

Josh Skipworth (George Mason University): Probably not a good idea to spew political rhetoric in your application. He also manages to insult the entire state of Iowa.

Ryan Timms (George Mason University): “THE NEXT BIG THING!”

Josh Reid (George Mason University): Martial artist, Eagle Scout, Jedi?

Jazmin Ortiz (College of William & Mary): A rambling 8-minute interview in which she pretends to be the author of a book on cheese jokes. It’s so long, it has commercial breaks.

Nathan Gallagher (College of William & Mary): Snuggies and interpretive dance

Kyle Littlejohn (College of William & Mary): Another 8-minute epic that goes a long way to showing why other schools have implemented time limits on videos

Kate Heffernan (College of William & Mary): If all else fails, send the admissions department cookies…and film yourself making them…with no sound.

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