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Take a Virtual College Tour!

posted by Mark on August 20th, 2009

youniversitytvChoosing a college is hard enough without the hassle of traveling halfway across the country for a campus tour — only to discover within the first five minutes that you hate the school and it smells like wet potato chips. Now, there’s a site to help you get a sense of what student life is like at hundreds of US college campuses without leaving home (sadly, descriptions of smells aren’t included).

YOUniversityTV is a relatively new website that not only gathers information on over 400 major American colleges and universities, but it also sends a crew out to film professionally-produced videos on eash site. The dynamic videos deliver the straight facts on enrollment, academics, acceptance rates, demographics and so forth, while splicing in shots of major buildings and campus landmarks, plus interviews with current students, faculty and administration that offer a real insider’s viewpoint.

Delving even further into college life, the site offers hundreds of videos uploaded by college students who want to show off their schools, plus a social networking area where students can connect and exchange information on scholastic and recreational life. There are even career videos to help you figure out your major and a virtual dorm to help you, well, pimp your room. Best of all, YOUniversityTV is absolutely free, which, if I’m doing my math correctly, is a heck of a lot less expensive than the gas or plane fare you’d buy to visit these colleges in real life.

Granted, these virtual tours aren’t a replacement for in-person visits, but they can be a valuable tool for helping you narrow down your choices to the campuses you really REALLY want to see first hand.

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