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30 Least Educational Books

In an online school, you may or may not have hard-copy textbooks, but suffice it to say, if your professor assigns any of these texts as required reading, it might be time to drop that class. (Yes, we’re judging books by their covers.)


iPad vs Kindle vs Netbooks vs Books: What’s Best for Students?

iPad vs Kindle vs Netbooks vs Books: What's Best for Students?With the introduction of Apple’s iPad in January, questions abounded regarding its potential impact on digital education. Could the iPad revolutionize how students learn? With textbook publishers jumping on board to develop iPad-compatible versions of their books even before the product was available for sale, the Apple product seemed to take the lead in next-generation educational technology. But what about’s popular book reader the Kindle, or the recent glut of affordable, stripped down laptop computers dubbed “netbooks”? Can any of them compete with good old-fashioned books? Here’s a rundown of what each has to offer. (more…)

NetBoox? Comparing the Online Textbook Rental Sites

Comparing the Online Textbook Rental SitesIt was only a matter of time before someone took the concept behind Netflix — renting mail-order movies online — and applied it to books. And what book has a higher demand-and-subsequent-return ratio than a textbook? (A Million Little Pieces notwithstanding.) Currently, there are three major online book rental companies offering textbooks (more…)

Where to Find Cheap Text Books Online

The clever readers at Lifehacker have contributed their best tips for finding cheap text books online. Their top recommendations:

For more details and advice on finding cheap text books see the full summary on Lifehacker.