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40 Twitter Feeds to Help You Survive College

40 Twitter Feeds to Help You Survive CollegeSomewhere amidst all of the tweets about who said what to whom and what they looked like when they did that thing the other day with that guy who had those things hanging from his thing OMGLOLROFLSOSBBQ… there are actually Twitter feeds that serve a function, like helping you make it into, through, and out of college. Here are 40 you should consider following if you’re a college student. (more…)

Take a Virtual College Tour!

youniversitytvChoosing a college is hard enough without the hassle of traveling halfway across the country for a campus tour — only to discover within the first five minutes that you hate the school and it smells like wet potato chips. Now, there’s a site to help you get a sense of what student life is like at hundreds of US college campuses without leaving home (sadly, descriptions of smells aren’t included).


101 Facebook Apps for Students

facebookcap3No matter what stage of the education process you’re at, there’s a Facebook application that purports to help you. Here are 101 that could theoretically help you get your learn on — or at least divert your attention away from your D-plus average. As with all Facebook apps, there’s no guarantee that they’ll all work properly (in fact, we pretty much guarantee that they WON’T all work properly), but you’re sure to find some that are at least worth a shot.


Your MySpace Page Could Cost You Your Diploma

Your MySpace Page Could Cost You Your DiplomaIf you’re like most people, you don’t associate your MySpace or Facebook profile with your schoolwork or your pursuit of a career. Maybe you should, though, because schools and employers are increasingly doing so. As one woman pursuing her teaching degree found out, a school can even strip you of your diploma if it finds the content posted on your page to be sufficiently offensive. (more…)

Fighting Facebook: Rating the College Social Networking Sites

Facebook was founded in 2004 as a social networking website for college students — initially at Harvard University, and then expanding to all colleges in the United States. Since then, though, it’s become open to anyone and everyone, student or not, with over 150 million users worldwide. So what’s left for college students who want to feel like they’re part of a smaller, closer-knit online community? A handful of social networking sites are fighting to fill the gap left by Facebook’s success by targeting students like you. (more…)