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Scholarships Requiring ‘Thank You’ Notes

If you want that scholarship money – you’d better be willing to say ‘Thank You.’

It would seem that a growing number of colleges and universities are now requiring students to write personalized ‘thank-you’ notes to their benefactors before they can actually receive the funds. With the economy in its current state, colleges are realizing just how precious such endowments are – for both themselves and the students. (more…)

13 Strange Scholarships for Online Students

13 Strange Scholarships for Online StudentsContrary to popular belief, good grades and extracurricular activities aren’t the only requirements for earning a college scholarship. Here are some unusual prerequisites for which you can actually get a scholarship. (more…)

8 Scams Targeting College Students

8 Scams Targeting College StudentsEnrolling in college is a positive step in anyone’s life, but it also paints a bull’s eye on students’ backs for opportunists looking to take advantage of their optimism and eagerness to succeed. Here are eight scams that college students in particular might be susceptible to. (Shell games and Three-card Monte, it goes without saying, are to be avoided.)