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How to Spot a Diploma Mill

How to Spot a Diploma MillYou’ve probably seen ads online for quick and easy degrees and wondered what they’re all about. Chances are they’re diploma mills: bogus schools lacking official accreditation that award diplomas and degrees based on little or no academic merit. You might think you’re saving time and money taking advantage of promises that sound too good to be true (“Bachelor’s degrees in 10 days for $19.99!”), but when that diploma proves worthless during your job search, you’ll be out of money, time and luck.


How to Tell If an Online School Is Accredited

How to Tell If an Online School Is Accredited When researching which online school to “attend,” a crucial step is determining if the institution is an accredited online school, and if so, by whom.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is an educational institution’s stamp of approval, designating that it has met standards set to ensure that schools provide a quality education. Accreditation serves an important role in quality control, providing students with the assurance that they will be adequately prepared for either the job force or continued education.

The Top 25 Online Business Schools

Top 25 Online Business Schools If you’re thinking of earning a degree from an online business school, here are 25 strong, reputable options that should be able to teach you what you need to know to get that cushy corner office job…or at least get you off of the emu farm.  We know our limitations as far as investigating the individual schools’ standards, so these rankings are a composite of rankings culled from dozens of studies conducted by people who have more time and more resources than we do.

The State of Nursing

Nursing Instrument

The folks over at Educated Nation have an interesting post about the nursing industry and how seriously they need positions filled.  With the population aging at an alarming rate (does that even make sense?), nurses of all stripes are going to be in high demand in the immediate future.  The catch 22?  There are not nearly enough teachers and facilities to accomodate the number of applicants.

List of Accredited Online MBA Programs


An online MBA program from an accredited online college is a smart, cost-effective way to earn an MBA degree without the time sacrifice of going to a traditional college. Working professionals, parents, students in the military and others with limited schedules will benefit from the flexible, at-home learning style offered by online degree programs. Employers are also accepting on online MBA degrees, weighing the program’s virtues, accreditation and reputation along with other, campus-based programs.

If you’re interested in MBA distance learning, here are links to over 180 accredited schools offering online MBA programs — as close to comprehensive a list as we could come up with. Keep in mind that while some programs can be taken entirely online, others offer a hybrid of online and on-campus learning.

Take the next step in your career through an accredited online MBA program, and start your professional education today.