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Online vs. Traditional Degrees: An Infographic

Here’s an interesting infographic comparison of the current state of online vs. traditional college degrees — courtesy of — that combines pros and cons of online learning with an overview of the impact of the current economic climate, plus a profile of the typical online student and a brief history of online education. All with pretty pictures! Enjoy! (more…)

Brutally Honest Student Reviews of Online Schools

Brutally Honest Student Reviews of Online SchoolsWhere to Find Online College Reviews from the Students’ Mouths

Choosing an online school can be a nerve-wracking task, especially with the glut of diploma mills and otherwise disreputable institutions, but one tool available to you is the opinions of other students and alumni. (more…)

What Can an Online Degree Do for You? Online Learning Success Stories

Online Learning Success StoryEarning a degree online can be a daunting proposition, and it’s easy to get discouraged by all of the work, but sometimes all you need to become recharged is to read about people in the same position as you who’ve succeeded in achieving their educational and career goals. Here are a few inspirational stories of online students who’ve stuck with their programs and improved their lives through e-learning — and believe it or not, you can too.


What the Howl? Dog Earns Online MBA

Dog Earns Online MBAAnd by “earns” we mean “pays for.” In an eye-opening experiment conducted by education watchdog, the site’s pug mascot Chester applied for a Masters degree in Business Administration from the online school Rochville University.


Accelerated MBA Programs Online

Accelerated MBA Programs OnlineDon’t have time to devote two years (or more, in some people’s cases — ahem) to earning an MBA? Here are schools that offer accelerated programs, and better yet, they’re online, so you should be able to finish them in, say, a weekend or so.* Note that these times are best-case scenarios, and there is usually no requirement to finish your masters degree in these time frames (many schools give you up to five years to complete it). Also, some schools offer accelerated combination bachelors/masters programs that can be completed in five years instead of six.

*Just kidding. More like 10 to 18 months.