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40 Twitter Feeds to Help You Survive College

40 Twitter Feeds to Help You Survive CollegeSomewhere amidst all of the tweets about who said what to whom and what they looked like when they did that thing the other day with that guy who had those things hanging from his thing OMGLOLROFLSOSBBQ… there are actually Twitter feeds that serve a function, like helping you make it into, through, and out of college. Here are 40 you should consider following if you’re a college student. (more…)

20 Great Websites to E-Learn About Black History

black history websitesIt’s Black History Month, and it’s never been easier to discover the richness of African-American history. (Those of you old enough to remember having to comb through 20-plus volumes of encyclopedias in the school library know what I’m talking about.) Whether you’re researching a project for class or are just trying to broaden your horizons, these 20 fantastic websites cataloging a wealth of information on black history are available with just a few taps of your fingers. (more…)

Have a Virtual Holiday!

Have a virtual holidayYou spend much of your life on your computer, so why not use it to celebrate the holidays? Here are a dozen or so websites and online tools to let you do just that. Enjoy this holiday season in virtual splendor!


30 Cool Educational Webcams

30 Cool Educational WebcamsAh, webcams. Believe it or not, they aren’t just for lip synching, insane rants and stripteases that will come back to haunt you when your kids are old enough to surf YouTube. There are webcams stationed all around the world that can prove to be valuable educational resources, showing vivid, live-action details that bring textbooks alive and transport viewers to the other side of the globe — because it’s more powerful to see things than to read about them.


13 Strange Scholarships for Online Students

13 Strange Scholarships for Online StudentsContrary to popular belief, good grades and extracurricular activities aren’t the only requirements for earning a college scholarship. Here are some unusual prerequisites for which you can actually get a scholarship. (more…)