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Accelerated MBA Programs Online

Accelerated MBA Programs OnlineDon’t have time to devote two years (or more, in some people’s cases — ahem) to earning an MBA? Here are schools that offer accelerated programs, and better yet, they’re online, so you should be able to finish them in, say, a weekend or so.* Note that these times are best-case scenarios, and there is usually no requirement to finish your masters degree in these time frames (many schools give you up to five years to complete it). Also, some schools offer accelerated combination bachelors/masters programs that can be completed in five years instead of six.

*Just kidding. More like 10 to 18 months.


List of Accredited Online MBA Programs


An online MBA program from an accredited online college is a smart, cost-effective way to earn an MBA degree without the time sacrifice of going to a traditional college. Working professionals, parents, students in the military and others with limited schedules will benefit from the flexible, at-home learning style offered by online degree programs. Employers are also accepting on online MBA degrees, weighing the program’s virtues, accreditation and reputation along with other, campus-based programs.

If you’re interested in MBA distance learning, here are links to over 180 accredited schools offering online MBA programs — as close to comprehensive a list as we could come up with. Keep in mind that while some programs can be taken entirely online, others offer a hybrid of online and on-campus learning.

Take the next step in your career through an accredited online MBA program, and start your professional education today.