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10 Worst Educational Comics

Comics have historically been a popular way to get messages across to children and child-like adults, but there’s little educational value in these often well-meaning but tragically ineffective comics.

A Cartoonish Cure for Your Back-to-School Blues

Feeling down because school is around the corner? Here are some back-to-school cartoons to cheer you up and let you know you’re not alone.



OMG, It’s Grad School!

Would you apply to graduate school based on this ad? OMGLOLWTFLMAOIOUBBQ!!!


30 Least Educational Books

In an online school, you may or may not have hard-copy textbooks, but suffice it to say, if your professor assigns any of these texts as required reading, it might be time to drop that class. (Yes, we’re judging books by their covers.)


30 Awesomely Bad School Portraits

One of the major advantages of going to school online — besides avoiding stories like these — is that there’s no yearbook and thus no school portrait capturing the awkwardness that is your life. Not YOUR life, of course, but, you know, one’s theoretical life (ahem). Granted, you can still commemorate this time in your life for all eternity by going down to you local Glamour Shots studio (and frankly, some of the folks below might have done so), but before you do, take a peek at what can go wrong. (more…)