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Einztein: A Free Online College Campus?

EinzteinNo, it’s not a cerebral rapper. Einzstein is a new service that aims to become a preeminent “e-campus” of sorts, a central access point for free online courses from around the Web. (more…)

Where to Find Free Online Computer Classes

Where to Find Free Online Computer ClassesIn the 21st century, there’s no excuse to not have at least a working knowledge of computer technology. With great websites like these offering free computer courses and tutorials at your fingertips (or pawtips), ANYONE can learn a thing or two. So devote a few minutes a day to learn something new about today’s technology…assuming you know enough about computers to find these sites.


30 Great Sites for Learning a Language Online for Free

30 Great Sites for Learning a Language Online for FreeIf you’re thinking about traveling abroad, don’t become one of those tourists who don’t know anything about the language or culture you’re visiting.  With these websites, you can learn all you need to know before you even reach foreign soil. Even if you’re not going anywhere, broaden your horizons by learning a language or two; impress your friends and confuse your enemies.


15 Best Websites for Free Documentaries

camerashootWhere to Watch Documentary Movies Online for Free

Here are the best sites we’ve found to watch documentary movies online for free, without any of that torrent downloading mess. Who knows, maybe they can help you with research on a term paper — or at least help you procrastinate writing said term paper. (Note: there’s a lot of stuff available if you go directly to Google Video and YouTube, but good luck browsing through the randomness for documentaries unless you know what specific movie you’re looking for.)


Would You Trust a Free Online College?

Shai ReshefIsraeli entrepreneur Shai Reshef has a vision of a world in which a college education is readily available to anyone in the world, regardless of their location, background or level of income. That vision takes its first steps towards fruition in April when the University of the People opens its (virtual) doors.

U of P is the world’s first tuition-free online university, which grew out of his work with other online universities and with the homework help site Cramster. Cramster’s peer-based method of learning helped inspire the structure of U of P, which doesn’t use professors to teach classes. Instead, free class materialslectures and “open” textbooks culled from the Internet are used to spur weekly discussions between students and to generate homework assignments, quizzes and exams. A small, part-time faculty of active and retired professors, plus masters-level students and professionals within the respective fields, will evaluate the curriculums and oversee assignments and tests. The only portion of classes that will be held offline is the final exam; to deter cheating, it is administered in a physical location by a representative of the school. If you pass the exam, you pass the class.