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Graduate Sues College Because She Hasn’t Found a Job

Graduate Sues College Because She Hasn't Found a JobEarlier this week, reported that Bronx resident Trina Thompson, 27, had filed suit against her alma mater, New York’s Monroe College, because she hasn’t found a job in the three and a half months since graduation. Thompson graduated on April 16 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and claims in her court filing that the Office of Career Advancement’s counselors “have not tried hard enough to help me,” citing the fact that they didn’t “call the graduates that recently finished college for an interview to get a job placement.”


Online Degrees and Employers: Ponyboy or Donnie Brasco?

There’s one big question that surfaces any time a student considers taking an online class, enrolling in an online university, or pursuing an online degree. How acceptable will the education be to employers?

Since the value of any college degree is really determined by whether or not an employer accepts it, the question is especially important with online degrees, whose history has been somewhat shrouded in skepticism. With an online degree, would you be like Ponyboy, the lost, downtrodden outsider who can’t seem to gain a strong foothold in anything, or would you be like Donnie Brasco, the FBI agent who walked into the Bonanno crime family and became a trusted associate? (more…)

Online Education Recession-Proof?

With the stock market flatlining, unemployment soaring and corporations struggling to stay afloat, online education is one of the few industries that seem to be thriving.  Here are some reasons why. (more…)