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Vintage Correspondence Course Ads

Before the Internet, people who didn’t have the time or money to attend in-person classes used to learn long distance through something called “the mail.” (more…)

40 Strange Online and Correspondence Courses


Unusual Opportunities in Distance Learning

As online schools continue to grow in popularity, the opportunities for distance learning expand to more and more subjects — one step closer to achieving our goal of a Matrix-like society of homebodies tethered to computers. Oops, was I not supposed to mention that? Here are 40 of the most unusual topics available to the public for online or correspondence study. And remember: there is no spoon… (more…)

High School Students Required to Take Online Classes to Graduate

Online classes aren’t just for the higher education crowd; an increasing number of high school students are taking courses online, and in Alabama, online education will become mandatory next year. Starting in the 2009-10 school year, Alabama high school students will be required to take at least one distance learning course in order to graduate. (Michigan already has such a requirement.) The mandate grew out of the popularity of online classes with students in small schools that don’t offer the classes that students want to take, and with Alabama typically ranking in the lower tier of state educational rankings, any option to improve the resources available to students seems like a good idea. In Alabama’s case, the classes are free and take place after normal school hours. Students can work from home, but tests must be overseen by facilitators in school. (more…)

Online Degrees and Employers: Ponyboy or Donnie Brasco?

There’s one big question that surfaces any time a student considers taking an online class, enrolling in an online university, or pursuing an online degree. How acceptable will the education be to employers?

Since the value of any college degree is really determined by whether or not an employer accepts it, the question is especially important with online degrees, whose history has been somewhat shrouded in skepticism. With an online degree, would you be like Ponyboy, the lost, downtrodden outsider who can’t seem to gain a strong foothold in anything, or would you be like Donnie Brasco, the FBI agent who walked into the Bonanno crime family and became a trusted associate? (more…)