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8 Scams Targeting College Students

8 Scams Targeting College StudentsEnrolling in college is a positive step in anyone’s life, but it also paints a bull’s eye on students’ backs for opportunists looking to take advantage of their optimism and eagerness to succeed. Here are eight scams that college students in particular might be susceptible to. (Shell games and Three-card Monte, it goes without saying, are to be avoided.)


What the Howl? Dog Earns Online MBA

Dog Earns Online MBAAnd by “earns” we mean “pays for.” In an eye-opening experiment conducted by education watchdog, the site’s pug mascot Chester applied for a Masters degree in Business Administration from the online school Rochville University.


How to Spot a Diploma Mill

How to Spot a Diploma MillYou’ve probably seen ads online for quick and easy degrees and wondered what they’re all about. Chances are they’re diploma mills: bogus schools lacking official accreditation that award diplomas and degrees based on little or no academic merit. You might think you’re saving time and money taking advantage of promises that sound too good to be true (“Bachelor’s degrees in 10 days for $19.99!”), but when that diploma proves worthless during your job search, you’ll be out of money, time and luck.