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Online College…Football???

OCFBFor the over 6 million people that take college classes online things are great. It’s affordable and they can make their own schedule and get a college degree, all while working on their career or raising their family at the same time.

But they have one problem, it’s college football season and for those at an online only school, they have no team to follow!

The season’s in full swing and there’s plenty of excitement. Alabama’s opening strong and upsets featuring teams like Kansas State and Oregon State are turning the rankings upside down. “Johnny Football,” Johnny Manziel is already going crazy, on the field and off! But for the millions of online college students they can’t even root for a team of their own.


New California Tuition Plan Gains Some Traction

Still facing staggering budget shortfalls the UC RiversideUC school system in California is now entertaining a radical new tuition program that could change the way college kids pay for their schooling.

Proposed by UC Riverside campus newspaper editor Chris LoCascio, the plan would see a student paying a flat 5% of their wages following graduation instead of an up-front investment amount paid before the education begins. The no tuition proposal would offer discounts for transfer students, graduates who work in public service careers and those who stay and work in the state. Students from other states and countries would pay 6%.

System President Mark G. Yudof met with the Riverside students during a UC regents meeting on Wednesday and was “very impressed” with the plan. Though impressed as he may be with the plan, UC officials were still troubled by the vague payment enforcement ideas put forth.


Scholarships Requiring ‘Thank You’ Notes

If you want that scholarship money – you’d better be willing to say ‘Thank You.’

It would seem that a growing number of colleges and universities are now requiring students to write personalized ‘thank-you’ notes to their benefactors before they can actually receive the funds. With the economy in its current state, colleges are realizing just how precious such endowments are – for both themselves and the students. (more…)

Online Education Recession-Proof?

With the stock market flatlining, unemployment soaring and corporations struggling to stay afloat, online education is one of the few industries that seem to be thriving.  Here are some reasons why. (more…)

College Presidents Give Back Salary

College Presidents Give Back SalarySpurred by a Chronicle of Higher Education survey that revealed last week that public university presidents earn a median salary of $427,400 per year, several college presidents have decided to forgo raises — or even take pay cuts — in this time of economic hardship. With colleges closing across the country and tuition rising, news that eight university presidents earn over $1 million a year caused the annual survey to make a bigger splash than normal this year. In response, the presidents of the University of Pennsylvania (over $1 million salary), the University of Washington ($900,000 plus $340,000 for serving on corporate boards), Washington University in St. Louis ($780,000 plus $360,000 from corporate boards) and Washington State University (a mere $600,000) voluntarily took pay cuts or gave donations as large as $100,000. (Granted, they’ve probably been receiving raises that size annually for the past decade.) If you’d like to sponsor a starving college president in his or her time of need, feel free to contact the university. It’s tax deductible!