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40 Twitter Feeds to Help You Survive College

40 Twitter Feeds to Help You Survive CollegeSomewhere amidst all of the tweets about who said what to whom and what they looked like when they did that thing the other day with that guy who had those things hanging from his thing OMGLOLROFLSOSBBQ… there are actually Twitter feeds that serve a function, like helping you make it into, through, and out of college. Here are 40 you should consider following if you’re a college student. (more…)

8 Scams Targeting College Students

8 Scams Targeting College StudentsEnrolling in college is a positive step in anyone’s life, but it also paints a bull’s eye on students’ backs for opportunists looking to take advantage of their optimism and eagerness to succeed. Here are eight scams that college students in particular might be susceptible to. (Shell games and Three-card Monte, it goes without saying, are to be avoided.)


Students Flock to 2-Year Schools During Recession

Students Flock to 2-Year Schools During RecessionAll across the country, student enrollment in two-year colleges is on the rise. States are reporting increases in community and technical college enrollments of upwards of 20% over last year, with one Idaho school more than doubling its enrollment since last spring. The reason isn’t hard to figure out: the recession.

Thanks to the struggles of the current economy, college students are increasingly choosing the cheaper alternative of two-year schools. Even students who want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree can save a significant amount of money — anywhere from $4,000 to $40,000 a year — by studying at a community college for the first two years of their post-secondary education and then transferring. (more…)

e-Textbooks: Feasible or Futile?

e-Textbooks: Feasible or Futile?As textbook prices continue to climb — by some estimates, at a rate twice that of inflation — e-textbooks are increasingly looked at as a less expensive option. After all, electronic textbooks accessible via computers save money on printing and distribution costs, thus lowering the end price paid by students. At least, theoretically. (more…)

NetBoox? Comparing the Online Textbook Rental Sites

Comparing the Online Textbook Rental SitesIt was only a matter of time before someone took the concept behind Netflix — renting mail-order movies online — and applied it to books. And what book has a higher demand-and-subsequent-return ratio than a textbook? (A Million Little Pieces notwithstanding.) Currently, there are three major online book rental companies offering textbooks (more…)