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Take a Virtual College Tour!

youniversitytvChoosing a college is hard enough without the hassle of traveling halfway across the country for a campus tour — only to discover within the first five minutes that you hate the school and it smells like wet potato chips. Now, there’s a site to help you get a sense of what student life is like at hundreds of US college campuses without leaving home (sadly, descriptions of smells aren’t included).


Graduate Sues College Because She Hasn’t Found a Job

Graduate Sues College Because She Hasn't Found a JobEarlier this week, reported that Bronx resident Trina Thompson, 27, had filed suit against her alma mater, New York’s Monroe College, because she hasn’t found a job in the three and a half months since graduation. Thompson graduated on April 16 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and claims in her court filing that the Office of Career Advancement’s counselors “have not tried hard enough to help me,” citing the fact that they didn’t “call the graduates that recently finished college for an interview to get a job placement.”


Fighting Facebook: Rating the College Social Networking Sites

Facebook was founded in 2004 as a social networking website for college students — initially at Harvard University, and then expanding to all colleges in the United States. Since then, though, it’s become open to anyone and everyone, student or not, with over 150 million users worldwide. So what’s left for college students who want to feel like they’re part of a smaller, closer-knit online community? A handful of social networking sites are fighting to fill the gap left by Facebook’s success by targeting students like you. (more…)

Half of College Students Have a Psychiatric Disorder

Half of College Students Have a Psychiatric Disorder Can college drive you crazy? No more so than everyday life, according to a new survey conducted by Columbia University researchers and published in the American Medical Association’s Archives of General Psychiatry. The survey suggests that nearly 46% of college students aged 19 to 25 and 48% of of non-college adolescents the same age suffer from at least one psychiatric disorder. These shocking results are blunted somewhat when you take into account that alcohol abuse is considered a psychiatric disorder.

According to the study, 20.7% of the 2,100 college students polled suffer from alcohol abuse, while another 17.7% have personality disorders. Those of the same age group who don’t attend college are most likely to suffer from personality disorders (21.6%) and nicotine dependence (20.7%). Not surprisingly, college students were found more likely to abuse alcohol than their non-college peers, who were determined to have a higher risk of drug and nicotine addiction, as well as bipolar disorder. However, college students are much less likely to get treatment for their disorders.

10 Ways to Eat While Remaining Essentially Broke for Four Years

Here’s a warning. This article isn’t about eating healthy, it’s about eating so you don’t starve to death. There’s plenty of time to be healthy when you have an income. Right now, you’re forking over what appears to be several times the gross national product to your school for the privilege of going, or frequently not going, to Introduction to Greek Mythology. Also your professor insists on you buying two different translations of The Odyssey, which cost $27 (each) despite the fact that you won’t read either of them & will sell them both back to the bookstore at the end of the semester for $2.75 (total). At this point, you have $6 left to your name & most of that is going toward rent, so how exactly are you supposed to eat for the next four years? Try these life-saving tips!

1.) Ramen is your friend. You can generally get a 10 packs for about a dollar. If you’re in a dorm & can’t sneak in an illegal hot plate, buy a coffee maker for $10. If you don’t put coffee in it, what you get is hot water, which you can then use to make one of your major college food groups: ramen. If you didn’t shell out $30 for a Brita pitcher this will also help filter the dorm water for you.

2.) Get a Brita pitcher. Why wouldn’t you? One time $30 cost, plus $10 for replacement filters like every three months, versus $1.50 minimum every time you buy a bottle. This is also a cheaper option than soft drinks & a waaaay cheaper option than alcohol. If you want to drink something besides water, buy a box of tea bags for less than $3 & a cheap pitcher.

3.) Join clubs & student organizations at school & go to as many meetings as possible. Usually, they will bribe you to be there with pizza or at least snacks. You can pretend to be interested in science fiction if it means a free meal every week.

4.) Go generic. This is a popular, no-brainer way to cut down your grocery receipts. Don’t think generic frosted flakes taste the same as Kellogg’s brand? Try a taste test. Even if they don’t taste the same, you can probably taste the $3 you save from buying the store brand. That’s almost 3/4 a gallon of gas, by the way.

5.) Begin shamelessly using coupons at the grocery store like your life depends on it. $2 of toothpaste here, 75 cents off oatmeal there really adds up. To save even more money, steal the newspaper from a friend.

6.) Cheap breakfast: yogurt parfaits. You could pay $1.50 for one at McDonalds, which are, admittedly, delicious, but are also sugary, not to mention tiny. Instead, try buying some plain yogurt & frozen fruit. Frozen fruit lasts longer & are low-maintanance because stems, seeds, etc are removed & the fruit is sliced for you. Take it out of the freezer & put it into the refrigerator the night before & mix with the yogurt in the morning. Ta da! Delicious breakfast. And healthy! To make it even more like McDonalds, buy a box of cereal with granola & use that to top the parfait.

7.) Variations on PB&J? Spend an extra dollar for a bottle of nutella. Try peanut butter & nutella sandwiches or put nutella on frozen waffles instead of syrup. I’m told nutella’s also delicious with carrots or celery, not that I would know anything about that.

8.) Make the most of a bulk-buy stock-up trip. Going to Costco? They have pizza slices, polish sausages, churros & bottomless sodas for around $1 each. Not to mention Costco is a mecca for food samples. If you do it right, you can eat a meal at Costco for roughly $2, not mention stock up on 50-in-a-box cereal bars.

9.) IKEA: not just good for pieces of wood that are supposed to be a bed. Along the same lines, when you’re outfitting your apartment via a trip to IKEA, try their 50 cent hot dogs & $1 ice cream cone. If you go in the mornings sometimes, you can get a whole breakfast for 99 cents. The only way to beat that is free & sometimes they do that too. There’s a reason it’s the happiest place on earth.

10.) Eat out as a last resort. Forced to eat out due to the complete lack of any food at your place? Go to for coupons or other deals at local restaurants. At the restaurant, order an appetizer instead of an actual entree. It’s often a large enough portion to get by. Throw in a salad or a side if you’re still hungry. And get to that grocery store & stock up on ramen already. It’s only your life at stake here.