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Scholarships Requiring ‘Thank You’ Notes

posted by Christian on August 8th, 2011

If you want that scholarship money – you’d better be willing to say ‘Thank You.’

It would seem that a growing number of colleges and universities are now requiring students to write personalized ‘thank-you’ notes to their benefactors before they can actually receive the funds. With the economy in its current state, colleges are realizing just how precious such endowments are – for both themselves and the students.

“Advancement officers frame the policy as part fund-raising strategy, part education. Donors who feel connected to the college are more likely to continue to give, these officers say, and they love hearing from students.”

It’s not exactly a new practice to ask students to write out these notes but rarely has the release of funds been contingent upon their mailing. Now, schools like La Sierra University, Barton and St. John’s University, in New York have all begun instituting such a policy and many more are expected to follow suit. And for good reason!

“People will say, ‘I want to increase my gift this year, I was really moved by Tom’s letter.’ ” said Saskia DeCaires, director of donor relations for St. John’s University.

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