Sarah Palin Would Be a Disaster for Education

We all know Sarah Palin isn’t running on brains, but just for fun I decided to research her academic background:

  • In 1982, she enrolled at Hawaii Pacific College but left after her first semester.
  • Next she transferred to North Idaho community college, where she spent two semesters as a general studies major.
  • Transferred to the University of Idaho for two semesters. During this time Palin won the Miss Wasilla Pageant beauty contest, then finished third in the Miss Alaska pageant, at which she won a college scholarship and the “Miss Congeniality” award.
  • She then left the University of Idaho and attended Matanuska-Susitna community college in Alaska for one term.
  • Returned to the University of Idaho where she spent three semesters completing her Bachelor of Science degree in communications-journalism, graduating in 1987.

For those of you not keeping score, that’s 4 different schools in 5 years, two of which were community colleges. Her greatest “academic” achievement was 3rd place in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant.

Call me an elitist, but I’d feel safer if the person a John-McCain-stroke away from the presidency had more education than the average waiter at Denny’s.

Next I did some research into the educational policies she hopes to impose on America. This where it gets scary. A few of her favorite educational ideals:

  • Teach creationism alongside evolution in schools. (Aug 2008)
  • Supports teaching intelligent design in public schools. (Aug 2008)
  • Committed to providing strong education, including morals. (Jan 2008)
  • Faith-based materials ok in homeschooling. (Nov 2006)
  • I believe we have a creator; and many theories of evolution. (Oct 2006)
  • Let parents opt out of schoolbooks they find offensive. (Jul 2006)

In summary, Palin believes that Creationsim, a religious ideology, should be given equal weight with a theory based on scientific observation and analysis, that schools should impose their own morals on children, and that parents should be able to censor books that don’t align with their world view.

If you care about the future of America and our role as innovators and intellectual leaders, register to vote and make sure we aren’t sent back to the dark ages.