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Professor Forced to Resign Amidst No-Show Allegations

posted by Christian on November 9th, 2011

A George Washington University professor turned in her letter of resignation recently after allegations arouse that she gave A-grades to an entire class of students despite never once actually holding a class or assigning any materials.

The school’s provost received a complaint letter from a graduate of the Physician Assistant program alleging that Venetia Orcutt, Ph.D., director of the program, failed to provide “communication, course materials, or instruction” for the two required courses entitled Evidence Based Medicine. The letter goes on to say “At our final meeting as a class just days before graduation, we were told all students would be ascribed a grade of ‘A’ in the 2 courses.”

More letters soon arrived each saying the same thing, one even going so far as to say that the classes themselves never even met once.

A statement from GWU confirms Orcutt’s departure and says, “The university is investigating the allegations that led to her resignation.”

(Source: Fox DC)

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