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Online Visual Communications Degree Programs

Visual communication is the conveyance of ideas and information in visual forms. This includes drawings, typography, illustration, signs, product packaging, web and graphic design. Visual communication is frequently used in the arts and in areas of marketing and design where product packaging or visually appealing graphic designs help convey messages, provide information, or sell products. Online visual communications degrees are becoming increasingly prevalent as the area of visual communications continues to develop.

Online Visual Communications Degree Programs Enrolling Now

Independence University

The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started

A career-focused degree is the key to a career with a potentially higher income, better benefits, and more satisfaction. We want to help you get that degree with a convenient online program. You can earn an Associate’s degree in 15 to 20 months, and a Bachelor’s degree in 30 to 36 months at Independence University.

Laurus College Online

Every Laurus student, whether attending online or on campus, is provided with a friendly learning environment that includes smaller class sizes and real-time assistance from caring instructors. Students communicate in their classes via a fully interactive, web-based platform that includes a webcam, headset and instant messaging. This gives students the ability to clearly hear their instructor during the lecture / lab while also having the option of posing a question to either the entire class or to just their instructor. Each student also has access to a comprehensive video library, so that they may view a lecture or lab session whenever and as often as they like.

Online Visual Communications Degree Courses

Due to the fact that technology plays a significant role in the filed of visual communication, potential employers frequently hire graduates of online visual communications degree programs. In fact, it seems that an online visual communications degree may be more widely accepted than any other online degree. Online visual communications degrees are so well received that some employers may pay for or reimburse students for the cost of pursing an online visual communications degree. Anyone interested in a career in visual communications should consider taking an online course to obtain their Associate of Arts (AA) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) in visual communications.

An online visual communications degree program can open the door to creative careers such as Graphic Designer, Image Editor, Production Artist, Junior Art Director, Web Designer, and Interactive Media and Multimedia Designer. An online visual communications degree program can include classes such as:

  • Photoshop Basics
  • Rendering
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Illustration
  • Digital Image Retouching
  • Database Design and Development
  • Graphic Design for the Web
  • Print Production
  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • Adobe
  • Page Layout
  • Packaging Design
  • Advanced Image Editing
  • 3d Design
  • Introduction to Arts
  • Fundamentals of Web Design
  • Digital Color Theory
  • History of Digital Media

Students of an online visual communications degree program may have the opportunity to participate in internships or work-study programs where they will be able to see how their education applies in real world scenarios as they work on actual projects and are mentored by people who have experience in the field. In addition to learning about design and technology, students working towards an online visual communications degree may also learn project management, working as part of a design team, and organizational skills. An online visual communications degree can help an individual create the future of their dreams.

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