Online Computer Forensics Degree Programs

Computer Forensics Bachelor's Degree ProgramsA swiftly developing area in unearthing and examining legal evidence located on computers and similar modern technology is computer forensics. Much like the forensics used to locate DNA to solve crimes; individuals that specialize in computer forensics may assist with obtaining evidence hidden on a computer or other electronic devices in an effort to help stop or prevent crimes, or locate evidence to be used in legal proceedings. An online computer forensics degree is a great way to get a foot in the door in this new and exciting field.

Computer forensics specialists with an online computer forensics degree may work with law enforcement helping solve or prevent crimes, or they make work in-house for private companies to help monitor employee misconduct or prevent attacks from outside sources such as hackers. Not only do computer forensics specialists collect evidence and other data from computers, but they may also collect information from digital cameras, flash drives, and other portable and external data and media devices. People with an online computer forensics degree sometimes work as a Digital Forensic Detective, Computer Forensics Specialist, Security Network Analyst, IT Investigation, or Counterintelligence Analyst.

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Online Computer Forensics Degree Classes

An online computer forensics degree is an important first step on the way to developing a career as a computer forensics professional. By having your associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in computer forensics, you may have a significant advantage over other individuals seeking to break into this new and exciting industry. Your online computer forensics degree program can help you learn the proper methods for gathering, interpreting, analyzing and reporting the findings of the forensic data that you locate on electronic hardware.

Online computer forensics degree students explore the general area of information technology (IT) and must also learn and be well versed in the criminal justice aspect of this cutting edge field. In an online computer forensic degree program, students may discover how to employ their understanding of both computer and other electronic devices hardware and software programming. They may also learn how to extract evidence or data from computers, cell phones or external drives without causing damage to the original data. An online computer forensics degree program could include courses such as:

  • Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • Programming Concepts
  • Network Creation and Security
  • Forensics &Computer Networks
  • Criminology
  • Civil Law and Procedure
  • Data Protection
  • Forensics and the Law
  • Website Security
  • Application Development
  • Data-Connected Applications
  • Computer Networking
  • Software Design
  • Computer Programming
  • Analytical Approaches to Information Technology
  • Java

Some online computer forensics degree students may have the opportunity to participate in internship and work-study programs where they will work hand-in-hand with law enforcement agencies or private companies on actual computer forensics projects. Through these internships and work-study programs students can take their practical classroom knowledge and see how it applies to the real world of computer forensics.

Computers and technology are not going anywhere. The need for computer forensics professionals is on the rise and can be anticipated to continue to grow. An online computer forensics degree can be your key to unlocking the door to the world of computer forensics.

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