Online Project Management Degree Programs

Online Project Management Degree ProgramsProject management is a relatively new field of study that focuses on effective strategies of planning, managing and evaluating the success or failure of a project. It has wide spread business applications and is practiced in one form or another at most major companies. If you want to enter the fast paced world of 21st century business, consider getting your online project management degree. It provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of project management that can be applied to a wide variety of companies working in a whole spectrum of industries.

Graduates of online project management degree programs have a lot of freedom when they select a career path. They have essentially been trained to manage effectively and see projects through to their completion. That is a skill that is rare in job applicants but prized in institutions around the world. No matter what sort of projects you want to manage, your online project management degree will leave you well prepared.

Online Project Management Degree Programs Enrolling Now

Keiser University Graduate School

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Keiser University Graduate School provides student-centered, quality career education that enables you to make an immediate contribution to your profession. For over 35 years, Keiser University’s commitment to excellence has led to success for our graduates. Our unique combination of a strong curriculum rich in relevant courses for today’s workforce and our students-first approach provides an outstanding academic experience. Become part of a caring, learning environment, whether online or on campus, led by experienced faculty who bring you real-world challenges and solutions.


Online Project Management Degree Program Description

Students in online project management degree programs will engage with a varied curriculum that covers both the theoretical basis of project management and its real world applications. You will work with professors who have years of experience completing projects of their own. Online project management classes often require students to complete simulated projects that reflect the challenges of completing projects in a real business environment. You can expect to take classes covering the following important subjects:

  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Development
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Tools and Techniques
  • Financial Analysis

Typically, online project management degrees are offered at the graduate level. That is because many of the principles build off of basic business concepts learned as an undergraduate. Do some research into your prospective programs to find out what prerequisites may be required of you.

Online Project Management Degree Options

You have many choices when selecting an online project management degree program. As online education has become more and more viable, colleges and universities across the country have begun offering degree programs in this and many other subjects. And if you think that online learning provides a weak education compared to a face to face classroom, think again. New technological and pedagogical tools allow you to master the principles of project management without ever meeting your professor face to face.

Graduates of online project management degree programs are well equipped to make an impact at some of the world’s largest companies. That is because they have received a high quality education online that allowed them to engage with a number of research materials and project examples. As part of your coursework, you will read journal articles, digest lectures, write papers, perform case studies and pass comprehensive tests. You may be doing all of this in your pajamas, but you will need to study hard all the same. Plus, you will have to motivate yourself to get all of this work done yourself. Personal initiative is one of the most valuable skills a project manager can possess. If you want to help teams meet their goals, consider an online project management degree.

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