Everest College Online Business Programs

The online business program at Everest is geared to prepare students for real-world work experiences with a career-focused, professional curriculum and a group-project approach. Thus, as with any online class, self-motivation and discipline are the keys to succeeding.

Everest utilizes a standardized, Web-based interface for its online classes where students make use of lectures, slideshows and other Web presentations. Students communicate via class discussion boards, where they toss around ideas or answer the professor’s guiding questions. Students are assigned individual and team assignments, which they can work on through distance communication or by meeting each other in person.

This online business school format has its strengths and weaknesses. The Web classroom interface is standardized, so it works the same way regardless of the class. As with any online school, students can schedule class around work and family time, making the program ideal for students who work full-time. The downside is a lack of student-instructor face time, making it slightly more difficult to have questions answered. Also, failure to engage the class at regular intervals can result in your being dropped from the class, which you can’t re-enroll in until the following semester. A 2.0 is required to stay in the program, and the interface requires a small degree of computer ability and adequate hardware. These obstacles can all be surpassed by a dedicated student who does not lose track of his or her goals.