Online Business Administration Degree Programs

Online Business Administration DegreeAn online business administration degree is one of the most versatile degrees available to people who want to break into the business world. It offers a broad overview of the most fundamental and important business topics. Graduate of online business administration degree programs are well prepared to handle the challenges of working for either a small business or a major corporation.

Online business administration degree programs are an ideal option for students who want only two years of college study or for students who aren’t sure about their degree objectives and want a lesser commitment while they figure them out. An online business administration degree is valued by many employers because it gives you an introduction to core business concepts such as accounting, marketing, management and law.

Online Business Administration Degree Programs Enrolling Now

Sullivan University Online

Sullivan University is Kentucky’s largest private college or university, offering higher education for people with higher goals. At Sullivan University, we focus on in-demand programs that lead to successful careers. Whether you’re a high school student considering college, or someone seeking professional development, you’ll be surprised at the alternatives Sullivan University offers. Our streamlined programs are designed to fit into your lifestyle. With online course offerings, we work around your busy schedule to help you find a flexible plan that suits you. We offer everything from certificates and diplomas to advanced degrees so you can find a program that fits. For over 50 years, Sullivan has prepared students for lifelong success. Our course offerings have continually evolved to meet the practical needs of the business world, and our work continues with unlimited employment assistance to help graduates find jobs nationwide. Find out what makes Sullivan the right fit for you!


Keiser University Graduate School

Grow, lead, succeed - with an online graduate degree

Keiser University Graduate School provides student-centered, quality career education that enables you to make an immediate contribution to your profession. For over 35 years, Keiser University’s commitment to excellence has led to success for our graduates. Our unique combination of a strong curriculum rich in relevant courses for today’s workforce and our students-first approach provides an outstanding academic experience. Become part of a caring, learning environment, whether online or on campus, led by experienced faculty who bring you real-world challenges and solutions.


Eagle Gate College Online

Does your busy schedule prevent you from enrolling in school? Do you need the flexibility of taking courses online? Eagle Gate College offers degrees and certifications that can be earned entirely online so that earning your education is on your time. Our accelerated programs make it easy to finish quickly and our accredited programs teach you the skills you need to begin your career with confidence.


San Joaquin Valley College

SJVC Online provides instruction in a flexible online environment. With curriculum built to meet your lifestyle needs, our innovative study system allows you to study at your convenience - 24 hours a day - as well as participate in live classes online.

SJVC Online is committed to helping you succeed through education. We offer focused training to help you jump-start your professional career. We offer the following programs online: Business Administration, Human Resource Administration, Information Technology, Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding or Construction Management.

Accelerated, flexible learning gives working students an opportunity to train for careers in as few as 7 months at their convenience. SJVC Online instructors are experienced industry professionals that provide interactive instruction, guidance and advice along with material that’s relevant to current working environments.


Online Business Administration Degree Curriculum

An online business administration degree will include courses that cover a wide range of topics. The idea is to give students a thoughtful introduction to as many core business skills as possible. Successful business professionals often have to use a variety of skills to manage dynamic projects. Online business administration degrees will touch on all of those skills. Your curriculum will likely include courses on the following subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Information Systems
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Principles of Marketing

With such a wide variety of skills, you are ready to settle into an office at any kind of company. Recruiters are always looking for employees who have basic business skills. Applicants who understand the principles of business can easily tailor them to meet the demands of many jobs. Today’s companies do not want to hire someone that can not dive straight into the fast paced world of 21st century business. An online business administration degree shows them that you have the skills, knowledge and experience they are looking for.

Business Administration Career Prospects

People looking to start their first career, or switch careers, often choose online business administration degrees. That is because they offer flexible learning options and create so many opportunities for future employment. If you know you want to work in business but are not quite sure where, or doing what, and online business administration degree can provide you with some direction.

There are also a number of advantages to pursuing online education rather than commuting to the campus of a college or university. Constantly improving technologies allow you to access readings, lectures and multimedia materials that are designed to make complicated business subjects accessible to all students. You will be assigned papers, projects and tests that prepare you for the responsibilities you will have in the real world of business. Plus, when you chose an online business administration degree, you will have the freedom to pursue your education when it is most convenient for you. Your education does not have to be an obstacle any longer.

There are executives working for successful companies that started off with nothing more than a business administration degree. Having a solid educational background can help you get your foot in the door to start working your way up the ladder. Or perhaps you will pick a different path entirely and start your own business. You have a number of exciting decisions to make once you complete your online business administration degree.

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