Accredited Online Business Schools

Accredited business schools are usually far superior to non-accredited ones, and that goes for online programs as well. Graduating from an accredited online business school guarantees the value of your degree, because accrediting associations are there to ensure that business schools maintain a high level of educational quality and integrity.

What Does Being Accredited Mean?

Schools are granted or denied accreditation based on an examination of the appropriate accreditation agency. For example, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) hold schools to a set of five basic criterion:

  1. Mission and Integrity
  2. Preparation for the Future
  3. Student Learning and Effective Teaching
  4. Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
  5. Engagement and Service

More detailed information about the accreditation process can be downloaded from the HLC website.

How Do Online Business Schools Become Accredited?

Schools are accredited based on a review from one of 6 regional accreditation agencies. These organizations are:

More information on each organization’s specific accrediting process can be found at each association’s website.

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