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Online Web Design Degree Programs

Web Design Online Degree ProgramsMany people have learned how to play around with websites changing different features, font sizes or colors. However, graduates of an online web design degree course position themselves ahead of the rest when companies look to hire qualified web design professionals.  An online web design degree program can prepare you to emerge as an internet professional – setting you apart from the competition – by providing you with a high quality pillar of knowledge, experience, and technical know-how. With an online web design degree, you can pursue a career as a web administrator, web designer, flash designer, web analyst, web illustrator, or web producer.

With businesses across the globe steadily conducting business through the internet, the role and importance of web designers is growing both in the scope of projects they work on and the of level of importance that web design related positions have in the corporate world. Web designers are responsible for and integral to not only developing the creative decisions involved in the design and construction of websites, but also the maintenance and overall functionality of a website. This involves both the design of the infrastructure (how the website works) to the more aesthetic features of a website, such as the fonts, color selection, images (how the website looks). Web designers have a heavy influence on a website’s appearance, the end-user experience, and the overall performance of a website. An online web design degree is a great way to stand out from other web design professionals in this growing field.

Featured Online Web Design Degree Programs

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What is a Web Design Course Like?

Student of online web design degree programs learn the artistic and creative side, as well as the technical side of web design. A web designer degree can not only provide graduates with knowledge of the artistic side of web design, such as color selection, but also a solid foundation in the technical side of web design. An online web design course may include courses such as:

    • Introduction to Design
    • Graphic Design for the Web
    • Digital Mediums
    • Digital Illustration
    • Rendering
    • Illustrator
    • Adobe
    • Photoshop
    • HMTL
    • Introduction to 3d Design
    • Audio/Video Technologies for Digital Media
    • e-Commerce Platforms
    • Advanced Editing
    • Advanced Illustration

Students of an online web design degree program may also have the opportunity to participate in labs or simulations where they can gain real-life experience in the field of web design. At the time of graduation from their online web design degree program, many students are able to use their organic individual aesthetic and conceptual skills, while boasting a level of knowledge and understanding that can make them desirable to employers.

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