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Online Liberal Studies Degree Programs

At one point in time, people trained for specific jobs and that was what they did until they retired. Bakers baked food. Farmers farmed and tailors made clothes. In today’s modern world having a broad skill set has many advantages.The creation of the liberal studies degree provides students with a well-rounded education in a wide range of subjects including math, philosophy, literature and foreign languages.

The purpose of a liberal studies degree is not merely to educate individuals on discrete subjects, but rather to raise students’ awareness in certain subject areas and also to cultivate learning through experimentation and critical thinking. An online liberal studies degree is a great starting point for today’s students who are looking for ways to increase their skill set and appear more attractive to future employers.

Online Liberal Studies Degree Programs Enrolling Now

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Types of Liberal Studies Degree Programs

The concept of experimentation and freedom is an especially American phenomenon which is one of the reasons why liberal studies, and specifically online liberal studies degree programs, are more common in the United States when compared to other countries. Due to it’s free flowing nature, online liberal studies degree programs vary depending on the educational institution. As a general rule, a liberal studies degree can be considered a quality basic foundation for professional knowledge in areas where critical thinking or thinking outside the box is crucial. Online liberal studies degree students often pursue an Associate of Arts (AA), Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science from the primary study areas. The primary areas of study could range from Biological Anthropology to Early 19th Century Literature.

Many online liberal studies degree programs are crafted to encourage students to plot their own course of study that is based on their unique personal, educational and professional goals. A liberal studies program encourages students to forge an educational path that will stimulate and enhance critical thinking and problem solving. The end result of an online liberal studies degree program is to have a graduate that is not only prepared for the workforce, but someone who is a productive, responsible citizen with a broad range of knowledge. Some courses in an online liberal studies degree program might include:

  • American Literature
  • African-American Literature
  • Asian-American Literature
  • South American Literature
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Literacy
  • Comparative Study
  • Study of Non-Western Cultures
  • Philosophy & Women
  • Economics and Culture
  • Media & Liberal Arts
  • Quantitative & Deductive Science
  • Introduction to Human Rights
  • Sociology
  • Natural & Physical Sciences

An online liberal studies degree provides graduates with flexibility for the future career goals. With a flexible and general education, it is easy for graduates possessing a liberal studies degree to transition to different careers and to be prepared for a wide range of positions. In addition, graduates of an online liberal studies degree program don’t merely possess a strong educational foundation, but they also have the skills to think critically, creatively and freely in all aspect of their lives.

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