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Best Online Paralegal Schools, Accredited Training, and Certification Programs

Search our directory of accredited online paralegal training programs to find the online school that best fits your needs.

Top 3 Accredited Online Paralegal Schools

1. Everest University Online

With over 100 Everest campuses across North America, Everest Students are part of a large community of students and educators who share a passion for improving their career skills. The education you receive at Everest is focused on providing you practical instruction for a paralegal career. You’ll receive training from distinguished faculty members who understand the skills needed in today’s workplace.

2. Keiser University eCampus Online

For over 30 years, Keiser University has provided student-centered, quality career education. Keiser University eCampus Online offers paralegal degree programs online to prepare students for high-demand professions.

3. Virginia College Online

The Virginia College Online paralegal program continues the tradition of giving lives new direction, fulfilling our mission statement to students wherever they live and offering the chance to pursue a degree while maintaining commitments to work and family.

Find the Best Online Paralegal Degree Programs

For people looking start a career in law, but don’t have the resources or inclination to become lawyers, a great option is becoming a paralegal. Paralegals deal with a great deal of law related work that lawyers need to delegate. There are highly skilled workers who command a high salary.

If you are interested in starting your career as a paralegal or are currently working as paralegal and would like to take your job to the next level, you can earn a paralegal degree while studying from home. Online paralegal training programs are created for working adults who want to take courses and earn their degrees. An online paralegal degree program can provide an excellent foundation for a career as a paralegal.

In order to find the best online paralegal school to suit your needs, you’ll need to investigate a number of alternatives. Different paralegal schools offer different courses, schedules, and financing options, so you really need to do you homework.

Paralegal Certification

In most states, to work as a paralegal you must be certified by an accredited paralegal program. These programs are inspected by the accreditation agency to ensure that they provide the proper education to students meet a key set of requirements. Before enrolling in an online paralegal program, it’s important check that it’s accredited.

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