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Online College…Football???

posted by Robin Green on September 30th, 2013

OCFBFor the over 6 million people that take college classes online things are great. It’s affordable and they can make their own schedule and get a college degree, all while working on their career or raising their family at the same time.

But they have one problem, it’s college football season and for those at an online only school, they have no team to follow!

The season’s in full swing and there’s plenty of excitement. Alabama’s opening strong and upsets featuring teams like Kansas State and Oregon State are turning the rankings upside down. “Johnny Football,” Johnny Manziel is already going crazy, on the field and off! But for the millions of online college students they can’t even root for a team of their own.

But here’s my solution: online college football for online colleges. I’d call it the NOCFA: the National Online College Football Association. But would the teams play, you say? With no campuses and no stadiums? Well the answer is simple: video games! Realistic football games like Madden Football makes it feel like you’re right on the field, In fact, EA Sports of course even have it’s own NCAA football game.

So I propose “Online College Football 14.” It would be the only video game that’s an actual league.

Imagine the excitement of schools like Capella University facing Walden University in the big game. And millions can watch at home via Skype. We’ve seen how new college technologies like MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) allow thousands to watch a lecture so MOOFs (Massive Open Online Football) could let millions watch students of these schools play video football against each other.

Now the nicknames would be different. In the NCAA, teams like The Tennessee Volunteers (yeah that’s really their nickname) call their womens’ teams the “Lady” Volunteers.” So schools that have regular teams but also offer online curriculums would call their online football teams things like “The Online Wildcats.”

Online trade school names could reflect their school’s focuses “The Concord Law School Objectors” could square off with the “Penn-Foster Dental School Drillers.” Or the nicknames could represent the school’s attendees. There could be teams like “The Continuing Educationeers” playing teams called things like the “Late Life Learners.” Or perhaps the teams could take the online aspect to heart and call their teams things like “The Disc Drive Crashers” or “The Browser Slowers.”

And as far as cheerleaders and mascots, no problem! The cheerleaders would post their routines on YouTube and for mascots the schools could pick their favorite internet felines. Imagine the thrill of your team being led onto the virtual online field by a gif of Grumpy Cat!?!

Are you in? Are you ready for some MOOF-Ball!?!

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