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29 Fantastic Not-Built-In Ubiquity Commands

posted by admin on September 5th, 2008

Don’t anoint Chrome king-of-all-browsers just yet. Firefox still has one enormous edge — a library of extensions that are indispensable tools for many web users. Among these is Ubiquity, which promises to change the way users interact with data.

You’ve likely seen the demo video and learned about Ubiquity’s built-in commands, but the true power of the extension is the ease with which developers can create new commands for the Ubiquity community.

We’ve scoured The Herd for the best not-built-in Ubiquity commands and compiled our favorites here. To add them to your Ubiquity, click the [grab it] link and confirm the prompts to install the command.

Social Networking

  • Facebook-status: Update your Facebook status message from Ubiquity, similar to the built-in Twitter command. [grab it]
  • Facebook-friend: Search your Facebook friends through Ubiquity.[grab it]
  • FriendFeed: Share messages and items on FriendFeed directly through Ubiquity [grab it]
  • MySpace-person-search: Search for people in MySpace through Ubiquity. [grab it]
  • Status-in-gmail: Update your Gmail status message through the command prompt. [grab it]
  • Get-status: Look at the Twitter status of any user without visiting the site. [grab it]
  • Reddit-This: Submit a page to Reddit (just like the built-in Digg command). [grab it]
  • Share-On: Share a page on Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Fark, or SlashDot. [grab it]


  • Summize: Do keyword searches of Twitter from the command interface. [grab it]
  • Site-search: Google search a specific site through the command interface. [grab it]
  • Blogsearch: Search Google Blogsearch. [grab it]
  • Image-search: Search with Google image search. [grab it]
  • Wayback: Search the Wayback machine. [grab it]
  • Metafilter: Search [grab it]
  • Tik: Get stock quotes from Yahoo Finance by typing in a stock ticker. [grab it]
  • PHP: Search php manual. [grab it]


  • Movies: Get local movie times by zipcode. [grab it]
  • Metacritic: Search for reviews. [grab it]
  • Seeqpod: Find songs or artists on [grab it]
  • What-artist: Find songs or artists on [grab it]
  • LastFM: Find songs or artists on [grab it]
  • FireFM: Turns of the desired station [grab it]
  • XKCD: Read today’s Xkcd cartoon through Ubiquity. [grab it]


  • List G Doc: Brings up a list of your GoogleDocs. [grab it]
  • New G Doc: Launches a new blank Google Doc. [grab it]
  • Insert-email: Inserts an email address from your contact list. [grab it]
  • Bitly: Uses to create a small URl, similar to the tinyurl command. [grab it]
  • ccsearch-flickr: Search Flickr for Creative Commons licensed images. [grab it]

Know any other great Ubiqity commands? Share them in the comments and we’ll update the big list.

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