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New California Tuition Plan Gains Some Traction

posted by Christian on January 19th, 2012

Still facing staggering budget shortfalls the UC RiversideUC school system in California is now entertaining a radical new tuition program that could change the way college kids pay for their schooling.

Proposed by UC Riverside campus newspaper editor Chris LoCascio, the plan would see a student paying a flat 5% of their wages following graduation instead of an up-front investment amount paid before the education begins. The no tuition proposal would offer discounts for transfer students, graduates who work in public service careers and those who stay and work in the state. Students from other states and countries would pay 6%.

System President Mark G. Yudof met with the Riverside students during a UC regents meeting on Wednesday and was “very impressed” with the plan. Though impressed as he may be with the plan, UC officials were still troubled by the vague payment enforcement ideas put forth.

Although Governor Jerry Brown’s budget allots an extra $90 million for the school system next year the system’s state funding would still be $660 million less than it was during the 2010-2011 school year. This is leading many in the state, LoCascio included, to ask “Why not try something different?”

(Source: LA Times)

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