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Joost Goes Online, Joins the Many Ways to Get Free Online Media

posted by admin on September 18th, 2008

Lifehacker reports today that online P2P media service Joost has launched a Web-based version of its platform, where it was previously online available through a downloaded application. Launched at the end of last year to massive hype, Joost has disappointed in viewership as it proved hard for viewers to download the software. The new version is flash-based & has emphasis on community, with social media features. Joost joins a number of other affordable or free multimedia options online, continuing to eliminate the need to spend money on cable or buying CDs when you could be spending that money on ramen.

Here are the best options for money-saving video and music solutions through your computer.

1.) iTunes - Okay, so you have to pay for this one. But songs are just 99 cents each & full episodes of television shows are $1.99. Particularly popular among commuters who listen to music or watch their favorite shows on their iPods on the way to work or school.

2.) Going to the source - Major TV network Web sites now offer full episodes of most of their popular shows online for free, soon after it airs on TV. Check out this full list of networks offering full episodes. For music, there’s good old traditional radio, which has rapidly caught on to the point to no one ever listens to it except in their cars. So now almost all stations have a way for you to listen to them online, so you do can so while you’re filling out TPS reports at work or doing homework in your dorm room.

3.) Streaming, baby - Besides the new Joost, which is expected to require a plug-in until next month, Hulu & Fancast are sites that offer free streaming television & movie clips & full episodes of popular shows. They’re free, legal, advertising-supported, blissfully skip-free & have high-quality picture.

  • Hulu primarily hosts shows & movies from NBC (& cable affiliate USA) & FOX (& cable affiliate FX), with some content from Comedy Central, Versus, Bravo, Fuel TV, Sci Fi Channel, E!, Speed Channel, G4, Sundance channel, & Oxygen.
  • XFinity, from Comcast, has content from Hulu, along with videos from BBC, BET Networks, & Viacom (including CBS & MTV Networks). (updated - Fancast has been shuttered and replaced with XFinity, which seems to offer all the same media)

4.) Streaming, baby, Part II - For music, a wave of “personal radio” sites have become very popular. Great for getting through your long study session, & best of all, they’re free. Here are the most popular:

  • - CBS Interactive-owned is an extremely popular Internet radio site & social music community. It boasts 21 million active users in more than 200 countries worldwide.
  • Pandora - Created by the Music Genome Project, Pandora builds personalized playlists based on a song or artist provided by the user. Pandora is facing problems that has already shut down the service outside of the US.
  • Slacker - Available only in the US, Slacker allows users to create their own station, or play a genre specific or artist-specific pre-programmed station. Slacker also offers an offline digital audio device called Slacker Portable Player.
  • Live365 - Described as an Internet radio network, users can create their own station or listen to others’. There were 6,500 active station in October 2006.
  • Check out this great post on Mashable for more ways to listen to music online.

What do you use for online videos or music? Drop us a comment to let us know.

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