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Is Homework Making You a Worse Student?

posted by Christian on March 28th, 2012

Everyone thought it growing up – but now there might actually be proof. Australian researchers are saying what we’ve thought (and whined) all along: homework is pointless.

“If we (ask) if homework benefits outcomes, then it is pretty clear it does not at primary school and has pretty limited benefits in junior high school and some benefits in high school from Years 11-12.” says associate professor Richard Walker from Sydney University’s Education Faculty.

All those wasted years in grade school practicing your spelling might not have all been for naught. Walker says a little bit of homework is good for early students because it helps them become self-starters at a later age.

But kids aren’t the only ones throwing their lives away on home assignments. Parents are getting involved too – though studies indicate that it’s actually the parents who are requesting more homework for their children.

(Source: Telegraph)

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