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Halloween Costumes Too Smart (or Dumb) for Their Own Good

posted by Mark on October 16th, 2009

You might need a diploma to figure out what these Halloween costumes are supposed to be. How many can you guess?

One-night stand Chick magnet
Choking the chicken God’s gift to women
Pupu platter White trash
Little white lies Hung like a horse
Holy sh*t Killer bee
When the sh*t hits the fan Hall & Oates
Pong Identity thief (If you have to write what you are
on your shirt, it’s not a good costume.)
Boo boo Elton Jon Benet
Hammered Sex

If you can figure out what these are supposed to be, you get an “A” in Costume De-cryptology (because we certainly don’t know what they are):

alienbaby guitarheads
stormtropper_holmes tiggerspiderman1
merman1 wtf1
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