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Half of College Students Have a Psychiatric Disorder

posted by Mark on December 2nd, 2008

Half of College Students Have a Psychiatric Disorder Can college drive you crazy? No more so than everyday life, according to a new survey conducted by Columbia University researchers and published in the American Medical Association’s Archives of General Psychiatry. The survey suggests that nearly 46% of college students aged 19 to 25 and 48% of of non-college adolescents the same age suffer from at least one psychiatric disorder. These shocking results are blunted somewhat when you take into account that alcohol abuse is considered a psychiatric disorder.

According to the study, 20.7% of the 2,100 college students polled suffer from alcohol abuse, while another 17.7% have personality disorders. Those of the same age group who don’t attend college are most likely to suffer from personality disorders (21.6%) and nicotine dependence (20.7%). Not surprisingly, college students were found more likely to abuse alcohol than their non-college peers, who were determined to have a higher risk of drug and nicotine addiction, as well as bipolar disorder. However, college students are much less likely to get treatment for their disorders.

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  • Barkley

    The fact that alcohol abuse is considered a psychiatric disorder is further muted by the fact that a lot of people view one occasion of drunkenness as alcohol abuse. It’s strange that there seems to be a lot of rhetoric out there to portray alcohol consumption as a disease, and it seems people are more than happy to buy into it.

  • Thetruth

    This is just a scam from pharmacy corporations to sell you more addictive pills.

    The people with a psychiatric disorder are all in washinton, ruing your country.