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Get Free Help With Homework Online

posted by Mark on July 20th, 2009

Get Free Help With Homework OnlineHave you hit a wall in your homework assignment and don’t have your parents around to help you anymore? (Face it, they haven’t been helpful since you were in the sixth grade.) Here are some websites that might be able to provide some help, free of charge. Unlike your parents, who would always find a way to make you pay.
Get tips on studying, research, writing, learning, improving grades, taking tests and more.
Get your questions answered by “experts” on a vast range of subjects, from history to language to religion, science, literature and more.

Find answers to specific textbook questions, get questions answered by an online community of experts, generate customized quizzes, view practice exams, lecture notes, cheat sheets, lecture videos and more. A pay upgrade provides more options and faster help.

The primary focus of this site is literature — with thousands of literature study guides, lesson plans, literary criticisms and community discussions — but there’s also a Reference section with hundreds of informational articles on history, science, law, politics, health, business, social studies and the arts.

Encyclopedic information on math, science, history, geography, English and social studies, plus tips to hone your skills in writing, research, studying, speaking and listening.

Get your questions answered in a variety of topics in this straightforward community.
An interactive community for sharing study guides, exams and notes, plus professor ratings, a schedule maker and grade breakdowns and GPAs for specific classes. A “.edu” email address is required.

MSN Encarta
A repository of info that provides help with foreign languages (French, Spanish, German and Italian), literature (“Cliffs Notes”-style coverage of over 1,000 books) and essay structure. (Note: site will be discontinued on October 31, 2009. Thanks a lot, MSN.)

PATH (Pupils Ask Teachers Help)
Get help straight from the teacher’s mouth by posting questions on a message board, sending an email directly to a teacher or engaging in a live chat — all for free.

Hundreds of study guides for literature, history and poetry.
Download class notes for specific classes at specific schools. Some notes have a fee to view.

Also, check your local library. Some library systems, like Los Angeles County and King County, Washington, offer free online tutors to residents with library cards.

Additionally, these sites have tons of links to helpful homework resources:

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