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16 Prestigious Schools that Offer Free Online Classes

posted by admin on November 5th, 2008

The world of education is changing, big time. Information technology has revolutionized how we find and share information. Only 10 years ago we had to consult libraries and academics for answers to questions that are now directed to Google.

While the business world is forced to change, education is lagging behind. Perhaps it’s hoping to maintain a position of authority. Maybe it’s afraid of change. Regardless, it’s become clear the future of education is open.

While many schools offer their traditional curriculum online or are entirely Web-based (see our list of online schools for a look at available online colleges and degree programs), many schools and universities offer free courses online in the form of video and audio lectures, mp3 files or PowerPoint slides.

Information wants to be free, and these progressive institutions have taken the first step by making their class free for anyone to use online:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. New York University
  3. Vanderbilt University
  4. Stanford University
  5. Yale University
  6. University of Notre Dame
  7. Carnegie Mellon University
  8. Tufts University
  9. University of Washington
  10. University of California at Berkeley
  11. Johns Hopkins University
  12. Berklee College of Music
  13. Gresham College
  14. Open University
  15. Utah Valley State College
  16. Utah State University

Need more?

For students interested in online schools, there is a huge variety of colleges available offering online degree programs from certificate up to doctorate. Some popular concentrations include:

And others. To see a larger list of schools, check out our online schools page.

More free online learning resources can be found in the following places around the web:

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    Do the university award degree to those they taught free?

  • Online Degree

    New York University is the best University and it is playing a great role in education.

  • leo

    thank! i now have a lot of ideas on what universities to pick. thanks for this free message.