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Could a New Machine Make Schooling Obsolete?

posted by Christian on December 16th, 2011

Recent advances in scientific research conducted by a joint team of American and Japanese scientists have just made the concept of automated learning a reality.

A few months ago scientists at UC Berkley discovered that they were able to us what’s known as a functional MRI (fMRI) machine to extract dream patterns from a sleeping brain. Now a team of scientists is taking that one step further saying that not only can brain patterns be copied onto a machine, but relayed into another brain as well.

To take the example given, say you want to master a task that requires high performance from your visual cortex, like catching a ball. So you find a professional baseball player and record them catching a ball using the fMRI to copy their brain activity. Now you’ve got your ball catching program recorded. From there you just feed that program into your own neurofeedback using the machine and after time your brain becomes familiar with the pattern – which in essence is what learning is, the brain becoming familiar with a pattern. Play the feedback enough and eventually your brain will get better at whatever that activity is.

So just like the Neo in the Matrix one day you may find yourself plugging into a machine and having your skills uploaded directly into your cerebral cortex. It might be a ways off but it’s certainly something to think about. As Keanu might say, “Whoa.”

(Source: Dvice Blog)

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