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Online College…Football???

OCFBFor the over 6 million people that take college classes online things are great. It’s affordable and they can make their own schedule and get a college degree, all while working on their career or raising their family at the same time.

But they have one problem, it’s college football season and for those at an online only school, they have no team to follow!

The season’s in full swing and there’s plenty of excitement. Alabama’s opening strong and upsets featuring teams like Kansas State and Oregon State are turning the rankings upside down. “Johnny Football,” Johnny Manziel is already going crazy, on the field and off! But for the millions of online college students they can’t even root for a team of their own.


School Girl Alleges Privacy Invasion

A 12-year-old Minnewaska Area Middle School student is saying that her First Amendment rights were violated when her school reprimanded her twice for posts she made on her Facebook profile. She’s also suing the school for violating her Fourth Amendment rights as well saying that school officials pressured her into turning over her profile information.

It all started when the girl (referred to only as R.S. in court documents) had a run in with a hall monitor she considered ‘mean.’ She went on the social network to vent about said hall monitor and somehow the school’s principal wound up with a screenshot of the comment. R.S. was forced to apologize to the hall monitor and was given detention.


10 Worst Educational Comics

Comics have historically been a popular way to get messages across to children and child-like adults, but there’s little educational value in these often well-meaning but tragically ineffective comics.

OMG, It’s Grad School!

Would you apply to graduate school based on this ad? OMGLOLWTFLMAOIOUBBQ!!!


Is an Online Degree for You? The Pros and Cons of Online Classes

Online learning isn’t for everyone. Penguins, for instance, have little need for it. Even non-penguins, though, should sit back and ask themselves if enrolling in an online school suits their needs. Here are a few things to consider before you jump into the world of cyber-learning.