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Is Homework Making You a Worse Student?

Everyone thought it growing up – but now there might actually be proof. Australian researchers are saying what we’ve thought (and whined) all along: homework is pointless.

“If we (ask) if homework benefits outcomes, then it is pretty clear it does not at primary school and has pretty limited benefits in junior high school and some benefits in high school from Years 11-12.” says associate professor Richard Walker from Sydney University’s Education Faculty.

All those wasted years in grade school practicing your spelling might not have all been for naught. Walker says a little bit of homework is good for early students because it helps them become self-starters at a later age.


Stream Your Education Online at Netflix

Online movie rental pioneer Netflix is shifting its focus more and more to streaming video online through your computer, video game system or other streaming device. But did you know that among the thousands of movies and TV shows available on Netflix are scores of educational options on virtually all of the most popular college majors? Here are some examples. Now, if anyone busts you for “goofing off” on Netflix, you can tell ‘em you’re trying to earn your degree… (more…)

40 Twitter Feeds to Help You Survive College

40 Twitter Feeds to Help You Survive CollegeSomewhere amidst all of the tweets about who said what to whom and what they looked like when they did that thing the other day with that guy who had those things hanging from his thing OMGLOLROFLSOSBBQ… there are actually Twitter feeds that serve a function, like helping you make it into, through, and out of college. Here are 40 you should consider following if you’re a college student. (more…)

iPad vs Kindle vs Netbooks vs Books: What’s Best for Students?

iPad vs Kindle vs Netbooks vs Books: What's Best for Students?With the introduction of Apple’s iPad in January, questions abounded regarding its potential impact on digital education. Could the iPad revolutionize how students learn? With textbook publishers jumping on board to develop iPad-compatible versions of their books even before the product was available for sale, the Apple product seemed to take the lead in next-generation educational technology. But what about’s popular book reader the Kindle, or the recent glut of affordable, stripped down laptop computers dubbed “netbooks”? Can any of them compete with good old-fashioned books? Here’s a rundown of what each has to offer. (more…)

8 Great Tech Gifts for Online Students

8 Great Tech Gifts for Online Students

Gift Ideas for Students Taking Online Classes

Online education is designed to be more convenient than in-person classes, but it has its share of hassles that can be eased with a healthy dose of technology. And I think we all agree that the best type of technology is free technology! So consider giving these cutting-edge gadgets to that special online student in your life; they might prove to be a real life saver (as opposed to a light saber, which would be a pretty cool gadget too). (more…)