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Online vs. Traditional Degrees: An Infographic

Here’s an interesting infographic comparison of the current state of online vs. traditional college degrees — courtesy of — that combines pros and cons of online learning with an overview of the impact of the current economic climate, plus a profile of the typical online student and a brief history of online education. All with pretty pictures! Enjoy! (more…)

20 Great Websites to E-Learn About Black History

black history websitesIt’s Black History Month, and it’s never been easier to discover the richness of African-American history. (Those of you old enough to remember having to comb through 20-plus volumes of encyclopedias in the school library know what I’m talking about.) Whether you’re researching a project for class or are just trying to broaden your horizons, these 20 fantastic websites cataloging a wealth of information on black history are available with just a few taps of your fingers. (more…)

Is This the Future of Textbooks?

Coursesmart, a joint venture of five college textbook publishers, has produced this nifty video showcasing the potential of e-textbooks in conjunction with tablet PCs. (more…)

30 Cool Educational Webcams

30 Cool Educational WebcamsAh, webcams. Believe it or not, they aren’t just for lip synching, insane rants and stripteases that will come back to haunt you when your kids are old enough to surf YouTube. There are webcams stationed all around the world that can prove to be valuable educational resources, showing vivid, live-action details that bring textbooks alive and transport viewers to the other side of the globe — because it’s more powerful to see things than to read about them.


8 Great Tech Gifts for Online Students

8 Great Tech Gifts for Online Students

Gift Ideas for Students Taking Online Classes

Online education is designed to be more convenient than in-person classes, but it has its share of hassles that can be eased with a healthy dose of technology. And I think we all agree that the best type of technology is free technology! So consider giving these cutting-edge gadgets to that special online student in your life; they might prove to be a real life saver (as opposed to a light saber, which would be a pretty cool gadget too). (more…)