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Could a New Machine Make Schooling Obsolete?

Recent advances in scientific research conducted by a joint team of American and Japanese scientists have just made the concept of automated learning a reality.

Scholarships Requiring ‘Thank You’ Notes

If you want that scholarship money – you’d better be willing to say ‘Thank You.’

It would seem that a growing number of colleges and universities are now requiring students to write personalized ‘thank-you’ notes to their benefactors before they can actually receive the funds. With the economy in its current state, colleges are realizing just how precious such endowments are – for both themselves and the students. (more…)

Bill Nye The Science Guy Boo’ed off Stage For Stating Facts

You can do and say a lot of things in Waco, TX but don’t you dare try to tell them how the moon works.

Bill Nye The Science GuyBill Nye “The Science Guy” was in town for the McLennan Community College’s Distinguished Lecture Series giving speeches on Mars exploration, climate change and energy consumption. Everything was apparently going fine until Nye made the cardinal mistake of suggesting that the moon itself does not emit light but rather reflect the light from the sun. (more…)

Einztein: A Free Online College Campus?

EinzteinNo, it’s not a cerebral rapper. Einzstein is a new service that aims to become a preeminent “e-campus” of sorts, a central access point for free online courses from around the Web. (more…)

The 10 Highest and Lowest-Paying College Degrees

The 10 Highest and Lowest-Paying College DegreesMoney shouldn’t be the biggest reason you choose a career path, but it’s certainly up there. With that in mind, here are the college majors that lead to the highest and lowest-paying careers, according to recent surveys by (more…)