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10 Tips for Staying Sharp During an Online Class

online schoolsAs we might have covered in the past, one of the greatest benefits of attending an online college is being able to go to class at your leisure. However, with that freedom comes challenges, such as staying awake and on top of things when you decide to start class at 11 o’clock at night. You might need help staying awake though your online nursing school lecture, for example. Here are ten tried-and-true pieces of advice you can employ the next time you’re attending class by moonlight.

Eat and Drink. Stimulation of any kind helps to keep your brain awake and focused, and not daydreaming about butterflies and bunny-filled fields. Protein-rich foods (meats, cheese, soy) are known for promoting brain function, fruits like blueberries and bananas give you antioxidants and happy, wakeful nutrients, and anything spicy will give your mouth something to think about other than your pillow. To be avoided: milk, turkey, sugary stuff and excessive caffeine, since those either contain the food-coma inducing tryptophan or cause catastrophic brain crashes further down the road. EduBook has a few other ideas you might use.

40 Twitter Feeds to Help You Survive College

40 Twitter Feeds to Help You Survive CollegeSomewhere amidst all of the tweets about who said what to whom and what they looked like when they did that thing the other day with that guy who had those things hanging from his thing OMGLOLROFLSOSBBQ… there are actually Twitter feeds that serve a function, like helping you make it into, through, and out of college. Here are 40 you should consider following if you’re a college student. (more…)

Have a Virtual Holiday!

Have a virtual holidayYou spend much of your life on your computer, so why not use it to celebrate the holidays? Here are a dozen or so websites and online tools to let you do just that. Enjoy this holiday season in virtual splendor!


8 Great Tech Gifts for Online Students

8 Great Tech Gifts for Online Students

Gift Ideas for Students Taking Online Classes

Online education is designed to be more convenient than in-person classes, but it has its share of hassles that can be eased with a healthy dose of technology. And I think we all agree that the best type of technology is free technology! So consider giving these cutting-edge gadgets to that special online student in your life; they might prove to be a real life saver (as opposed to a light saber, which would be a pretty cool gadget too). (more…)

13 Strange Scholarships for Online Students

13 Strange Scholarships for Online StudentsContrary to popular belief, good grades and extracurricular activities aren’t the only requirements for earning a college scholarship. Here are some unusual prerequisites for which you can actually get a scholarship. (more…)