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10 Sites to Test Your Memory Online

Test Your Memory OnlineAs an online student, your memory will get you out of a lot of jams. Even if you don’t learn something fully, maybe you can at least remember it well enough to get an exam question right. But is your memory up to snuff? Can your memory push other memories around, kick sand in their faces and steal their girlfriends? Here are 10 websites to test your memory muscle.


21 Ways to Stay Focused in an Online Class

21 Ways to Stay Focused During an Online ClassPerhaps the biggest challenge of taking an online class is the solitude. Without the in-person stimulus and support of faculty and classmates, online students need more self-reliance and discipline than traditional students when it comes to remaining focused on the workload. (more…)

The State of Nursing

Nursing Instrument

The folks over at Educated Nation have an interesting post about the nursing industry and how seriously they need positions filled.  With the population aging at an alarming rate (does that even make sense?), nurses of all stripes are going to be in high demand in the immediate future.  The catch 22?  There are not nearly enough teachers and facilities to accomodate the number of applicants.

Can Thinking Too Much Make You Fat?

Can Thinking Too Much Make You Fat?Online students beware: a new study conducted by researchers at Universite Laval in Quebec, Canada, indicates that heavy thought might contribute to obesity. The limited study — apparently, there are only 14 obese people in Quebec — suggests that intellectual activity causes increased fluctuations in glucose and insulin levels in your body. Since glucose is the only fuel used by brain cells, the brain may in turn tell the body to replenish the burned glucose by eating more. (more…)

11 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Help You Graduate Sooner

These common New Year’s resolutions will not only make you a little healthier and more alive, they can give you the push you need toward that degree in, uh, hydroponics. Really?  And to make this list that much more awesomer, we’re tossing in 1 extra recommendation free of charge… (more…)