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10 Worst Educational Comics

Comics have historically been a popular way to get messages across to children and child-like adults, but there’s little educational value in these often well-meaning but tragically ineffective comics.
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Should Expensive Colleges Have Bandwidth Caps?

A new petition cycling through the halls of Cornell is raising the question in many people’s minds – with the exorbitant amount  of money paid for a traditional college education, especially an Ivy League one, should internet bandwidth restrictions still be applied to students living on campus?

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Yale Exposes 43,000 Social Security Numbers on Google

Yale just announced that 43,000 Social Security numbers — belonging to current and former students, faculty, staff and alumni – were at some point accessible by anyone doing a simple Google search. This comes as a result of a recent change in Google’s search parameters, their recent indexing of FTP and Yale’s remarkable incompetence.
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Scholarships Requiring ‘Thank You’ Notes

If you want that scholarship money – you’d better be willing to say ‘Thank You.’

It would seem that a growing number of colleges and universities are now requiring students to write personalized ‘thank-you’ notes to their benefactors before they can actually receive the funds. With the economy in its current state, colleges are realizing just how precious such endowments are – for both themselves and the students. Read the rest of this entry »

Ten People You’d Never Believe Were Teachers

As a child of the 80s and 90s, I had a lot of teachers who wore spandex and frightening amounts of makeup. Unfortunately, none of them were the rock stars mentioned in my list of legendary people who once sprinkled sawdust on hurl and confiscated Pogs. Get ready to rock out with your chalk out as we countdown ten famous people who were once teachers.

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