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Accredited Online Schools

Why Attend an Accredited Online School?

Online schools can offer the benefit of convenience and affordability to working professionals and full time students alike. Online classes can be taken on your own schedule, allowing for greater flexibility. For students interested in attending an online school, it’s important to make sure the schools you apply to are accredited. Here’s a guide on how to check an online school’s accreditation.

Accredited online schools have been proven to deliver a high level of academic excellence and integrity. By favoring accredited schools over non-accredited schools, you’ll improve your chances of having a great educational experience.

How do schools become Accredited?

Online schools and college are granted accreditation by an accreditation agency. The agency holds all online schools to the same standards and makes it’s decisions on these criterion:

  1. Mission and Integrity
  2. Preparing for the Future
  3. Student Learning and Effective Teaching
  4. Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
  5. Engagement and Service

Get more detailed information about the accreditation criterion and process here.

Schools are accredited based on a review from one of 6 regional accreditation agencies. These organizations are:

Find Accredited Online Schools

To help you find the best accredited online schools, we’ve researched schools and grouped them together based on the results: