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8 Great Tech Gifts for Online Students

posted by Mark on December 7th, 2009

8 Great Tech Gifts for Online Students

Gift Ideas for Students Taking Online Classes

Online education is designed to be more convenient than in-person classes, but it has its share of hassles that can be eased with a healthy dose of technology. And I think we all agree that the best type of technology is free technology! So consider giving these cutting-edge gadgets to that special online student in your life; they might prove to be a real life saver (as opposed to a light saber, which would be a pretty cool gadget too).

LivesLivescribe Pulse Smartpencribe Pulse Smartpen

Even learning online, some people prefer hand writing notes to typing. This nifty pen allows you to do that and still end up with your notes digitized on your computer. It has an infrared camera that records everything you write on the specially designed paper to later upload to your computer. It can also record audio, so you can go back and listen to what your teacher was saying as you took the notes!

SolidTek ACECAD DigiMemo digital notepadSolidTek ACECAD DigiMemo Digital Notepad

A cheaper alternative to the Livescribe is the DigiMemo, which uses a pen-and-stylus combination rather than a “smartpen” and doesn’t require special paper to create a digital version of your notes.

Voltaic Generator solar-powered laptop bagVoltaic Generator Solar-Powered Laptop Bag

This laptop bag comes equipped with solar cells and a laptop-compatible battery pack that can fully charge in five hours, helping to ensure you never run out of power while studying on the run. It might also help with your tan.

Aerielle i2i StreamAerielle i2i Stream

The i2i Stream allows you to listen to an audio device wirelessly — and in HD quality — up to 30 feet away, meaning you can send audio (lectures, videos, etc.) from your computer to your headphones if you don’t want to disturb anyone during late-night study sessions, or you can send the audio to stereo speakers if you want everyone to hear your pain.

I-Tech Virtual Laser KeyboardI-Tech Virtual Laser Keyboard

This amazing cell phone-sized gadget emits lasers that project a full-sized, fully functional keyboard (complete with “clicking” sounds!) on a flat surface, easing efforts to type in the dark or to use a finger-crunching PDA/smart phone. You can also use it when you do your Tron role playing.

Verizon MiFi Intelligent Mobile HotspotVerizon MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

Learning on the run is a lot easier when you have the Internet, and the MiFi provides a 30-foot zone of connectivity for up to five WiFi-enabled devices — all in a gadget the size of eight stacked credit cards.

3M MPro pocket projector3M MPro Pocket Projector

Is that a projector in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? If you’re tired of staring at a small computer screen or an even smaller smart phone screen when you study, a pocket projector — small enough to fit in your pocket —  can project the screen on any flat surface up to 50 inches in size. Your eyes will thank you.

PlanOn Office in a PocketPlanOn Office in a Pocket

Is that an office in your pocket, or…OK, enough of that. If you ever have to work with hardcopy documents, this set could prove invaluable. It consists of a DocuPen — a full-page scanner that’s no bigger than a Sharpie — and a PrintStik, a full-page printer that’s only two inches wide. Both can work from either a laptop or a smart phone using Bluetooth technology, meaning you may never have to enter a Kinko’s again.

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