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40 Strange Online and Correspondence Courses

posted by Mark on April 15th, 2009


Unusual Opportunities in Distance Learning

As online schools continue to grow in popularity, the opportunities for distance learning expand to more and more subjects — one step closer to achieving our goal of a Matrix-like society of homebodies tethered to computers. Oops, was I not supposed to mention that? Here are 40 of the most unusual topics available to the public for online or correspondence study. And remember: there is no spoon…

  1. Alchemy (Flamel College)
  2. Applied Fire Sprinkler Technology (American Fire Sprinkler Association)
  3. Aromatherapy (Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy)
  4. Babysitting (
  5. Calf Rearing (ACS Distance Education)
  6. Clairvoyancy (ElearnUK)
  7. Clinical Hypnosis (Biofeedback Certification Institute of America)
  8. Cruise Ship Crew Training (
  9. Dog Grooming (Groomadog Academy)
  10. Drawing Superhero Comics (John Kubert’s World of Cartooning)
  11. Essential Witchcraft (Church and School of Wicca)
  12. Feng Shui (Feng Shui Research Center)
  13. Fingernail and Tongue Diagnosis (Herbal Healer Academy) Banned in Arkansas, for some reason.
  14. Flight Attendant Training (
  15. Forklift Operation (
  16. Funeral Services (Stratford Career Institute)
  17. Ghost Hunting (International Ghost Hunters Society)
  18. Golf Course and Turfgrass Management (Grayson County College)
  19. Gunsmithing (Ashworth College)
  20. High-Strength Steel Bolting (Steel Structures Technology Center)
  21. Hoodoo (Lucky Mojo Curio Company)
  22. Magician Training (
  23. Master Kabbalist Certification (Flamel College)
  24. Meteorology/Weather Forecasting (Penn State University)
  25. Mushroom Growing (ElearnUK)
  26. Naturalist Training (Wilderness Awareness School)
  27. Needlework Judge Certification (The Embroiders’ Guild of America)
  28. Numismatics/Coin Collecting (American Numismatic Association)
  29. Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution (Peace Operations Training Institute)
  30. Swiss Ball Training (C.H.E.K Institute)
  31. Tantric Yoga (
  32. Tarot Card Reading (The Tarot School)
  33. Taxidermy (WASCO Wildlife Artist Supply Company)
  34. Teaching Online (University of California, San Diego)
  35. Teenage Beauty Makeover Specialist Training (ElearnUK)
  36. Theme Park Engineering (ExpertRating)
  37. Water Treatment Plant Operation (California State University, Sacramento)
  38. Weed Management and Control (Colorado State University)
  39. Wing Chun Kung Fu (The World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association)
  40. Working with the Draconic Zodiac (International Academy of Astrology)
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